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Serial Number Command & Conquer Generals

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Serial Number Command & Conquer Generals

Type Serial Number
For Games Command & Conquer Generals
Serial By vikrymadz
Date Post 4 April 2013
Serial Number
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thank you very much :)

Thank u veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy muchhhh i love yah!

it helps a lot!!thank u very much!!

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

Score: 7.1

Systems: Xbox 360, PC

Genre: Real-time strategy
Length: 25 hours
Difficulty: 7
Developer: EA LA
Publisher: EA Games
Release Date: 10/30/08

- New units and abilities add to the series
- Rising Sun faction is very different and fun
- Co-op gameplay adds another level of strategy

- Far too many units and powers return to the series
- Each side plays too similarly due to the repetitive unit types
- Too many levels simply require building up a huge economy and force to wipe out an entrenched enemy

Command & Conquer

i don't have the disk 2.. it keeps on asking me for disk 2

what disk they ask for..?

please answer me..

good job

iv had this game for ages just reinstalled it to find out i dont have the cd key anymore cheers for this :D

thx :)

thx :)

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